Select from one of our current designs or call with your custom design your own!

USA Strap in Color

USA Strap Flag

 Floral Riff Unlaced Strap

 Floral Riff Unlaced Strap with matching pickguard

Outlaw Series Strap

Laced Edges

Outlaw Strap with name

Basketweave in Black Strap

Basketweave with pickguard in black

Strap with Tucson Snake with Diamond Red 

Black with Borders Design Strap

Green Borders Design with or without matching pickguard

Brown Strap with Stars

Harmony of Roses Strap

4" wide Skull Strap

Brown Basketweave Strap

Feathers Strap

Floral Pattern: Single Red Rose Laced Strap

Leaves Strap

Distressed Strap Two Colors

Outlaw series Flaming Cards

Green Borders Design with or without matching pickguard

4" wide Skull Strap in Red

Tan Borders Design Strap

Feathers Strap with matching pickguard Laced pickguard

Floral Riff Laced Matching Pickguard Laced

Outlaw Series with Cards Laced with Matching Pickguard Laced

Natural and Black Floral Riff w/Matching Pickguard

Floral Riff in Red

Tool Awl

Custom Work

2017 @ Tool Awl

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